ALBUM: DBN Gogo – Click Bait



ALBUM: DBN Gogo - Click Bait

DBN Gogo takes listeners on a musical odyssey with the release of the “Click Bait” album, a comprehensive collection that showcases the artist’s versatility within the Amapiano genre.

Each track becomes a chapter in DBN Gogo’s exploration of diverse sounds, making “Click Bait” a captivating journey through the rich tapestry of Amapiano.

The album opens with a sonic invitation, immediately immersing listeners in DBN Gogo’s world of beats, melodies, and collaborations. “DBN Gogo’s production finesse is evident throughout the album, creating a cohesive yet diverse listening experience.

She also introduced the project with SKOROKORO featuring Yumbs, Dee Traits, Dinky Kunene, and Soul Jam.

The collaborations with various artists add layers of depth and dimension to the album, highlighting the collaborative spirit that defines the genre. “Click Bait” stands as a landmark release, solidifying DBN Gogo’s position as a prominent figure in the Amapiano landscape.

ALBUM: DBN Gogo – Click Bait

1. DBN Gogo, Omagoqa & Baby S.O.N – Skorokoro ft. Yumbs, Dee Traits, Dinky Kunene & Soul Jam

2. DBN Gogo & Atmos Blaq – Uthando ft. Yumbs, Shazmicsoul, Dr Thulz, Mashudu & Leandra.Vert

3. DBN Gogo, Zaba & Sfarzo Rtee – Ubumnandi ft. C-Blak, Yumbs, Shazmicsoul & Soul Jam

4. DBN Gogo, Shazmicsoul & Yumbs – Mali Mali ft. Baby S.O.N & Mashudu

5. DBN Gogo, Inter B & Draad – Inkunzi ft. Skyes & Jay Music

6. DBN Gogo, Prvis3 & Triple X Da Ghost – Stingray ft. Durban’s Finest & Effected

7. DBN Gogo, Benny Benassi & Thuto The Human – Sadesfakshen

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