Mr Msolo – Trouble RiDDiM – EP



Mr Msolo - Trouble RiDDiM - EP

Mr Msolo dives into soulful Amapiano moods with the “Trouble RiDDiM – EP,” delivering a collection of tracks that explore the emotional nuances within the genre.

This EP becomes a canvas for Mr Msolo to showcase his production skills and create an atmospheric journey that resonates with Amapiano enthusiasts.

He continues to play his part in the industry just like when he worked with DJ Gabzy and Busta 929 on Jozi.

Mr Msolo’s ability to craft beats that carry emotional weight is evident throughout the EP, creating an immersive experience for listeners. “Trouble RiDDiM” becomes a vehicle for expressing diverse feelings within the Amapiano framework.

As each track unfolds, Mr Msolo weaves together a narrative that is both introspective and dance-worthy. The “Trouble RiDDiM – EP” stands out as a testament to the genre’s flexibility, allowing artists like Mr Msolo to experiment with sounds that evoke both soulful reflection and dancefloor euphoria.

Mr Msolo – Trouble RiDDiM – EP

1. Mr Msolo – Funu

2. Mr Msolo – Papilo ft. Citykingrsa

3. Mr Msolo – Bank of Amapiao ft. Jandas & Thama Tee

4. Mr Msolo – Jozi RiDDIm ft. Minz5 & Yumbs

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