Njebstxr & Tumelo_za – Sthandwa Sami



Njebstxr & Tumelo_za – Sthandwa Sami

Love becomes the centerpiece of the musical canvas as Njebstxr and Tumelo_za collaborate on “Sthandwa Sami.”

This Amapiano love affair unfolds as a melodic journey, where the artists’ combined efforts create a harmonious celebration of romance and connection.

Toby Franco and Major Keys recently included Tumelo_za on their track titled Umona featuring Yuppe and Chley.

Njebstxr’s production lays the foundation, providing a lush backdrop for Tumelo_za’s emotive vocals. The track becomes a testament to the duo’s ability to infuse the Amapiano genre with tender emotions and romantic lyricism.

Njebstxr and Tumelo_za’s collaboration becomes a delightful addition to the Amapiano repertoire, showcasing the genre’s versatility in capturing the myriad facets of human emotion.

Njebstxr & Tumelo_za – Sthandwa Sami

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