LYRICS: K.O – SWave Freestyle



K.O - SWave Freestyle

LYRICS: K.O – SWave Freestyle

Yeh, me ah bloodclat, badman yute dem
Yeh man

Guess who’s back up in the studio? The magic duo
And every album, every track is fugo
Mina noLuna ’bout to crack a new code
We God’s favourites, He blessed us mucho
And now the pockets full of cash, they too slow
Benjamin Frank, the freshest blue notes
And rappers, when they tryna match my level, they gon’ have to do coke
Awu nigga lami
I’m in a different galaxy, your favourite rapper’s only wishin’ on a star
Spittin’ off the top, but this shit’s from thе heart
Check the rеcord scale, my shit off the charts
K’hlehl’ u-fishi for the squad
My entourage, iyilwane k’phela lova, this is Noah’s ark
I’m in the deep end, snorkelin’, swimmin’ with the sharks
Pull up in a motorcade with tinted windows on the car
You gotta finish what you start
I got the classics, the cleanest repertoire
‘Ma gallery, that’s making millions off the art
The boy gon’ hit it out the park and they gon’ feel it
Tiger on the green, I been in the field for more spinach
I been at it for a minute, it’s that entrepreneur’s spirit
You tried to pull the rug under my feet, I’m standin’ on business
Ngaph’ uKairo’s father’s really gone and we all miss him
The competitive nature of this industry gone with him
Was really the sauce in it
You, rappers, ain’t authentic
Fuck havin’ an amazing roll-out if your song’s gibberish
Saddens me, I had to close the door on signing talent
By putting ‘em under my wing, I thought it might propel ‘em
I was sacrificing more than I can fathom
Lotta money going out, was nothing coming in, was hard to strike the balance
Realised that I was bettin’ on the homies
But, the label took a loss as life would have it, damn
Minor matters though
Had to cut the bleedin’, my confession
They my guys, that’s why I tell ‘em that I got ‘em anyway that I can help ‘em
The label is closin’ up shop, a paradox
We just opened up shop
Like right again, it’s a different type of challenge, yeah
Come get a dose of what I’m sellin’
S-Wave, baba, just get it right, tis nak’shay’ i-spelling
In a hybrid, XC90, a T8
If you catch me at the light, then I’m dustin’ your V8
A clean stereo, Bowers & Wilkins on replay
There’s plenty room in the back just for my ego, I need space
Meanwhile, white national teams are winnin’ the accolades
Mabhokobhoko going back-to-back in this
The cricket team is fabulous
The question is:
These people eSAFA, are they respectin’ us?
Lucas akangene, we need his excellence
We so oblivious like we ain’t even heard the tea
These banks are diabolical, they weakenin’ your currency
I think we should be dealin’ with it urgently
It’s evil to be purposely suppressin’ all these people tryna earn they keep
And now it’s 2024, elections comin’ up
I’m hopin’ they won’t steal the votes like just in front of us
Living in a failed state with leaders that are well-paid
Just like them white oppressors, they’ll be endin’ up on hell’s gate
Rest in peace, Chris Ghelakis my mentor
I’m one your protégé because I studied your manual
And you told me to be humble and stand tall
Told me I’ll be the greatest as a solo from the start and I went for it
The crib is a dladla with an amazing view
The guards are trigger-happy, them niggas ready to aim and pull
You’ve seen my life on Pay-per-view
‘Cause, y’all need a reality check
My TV show was my reality cheque and I was paid in full

It’s calm
Bars and tings for mandem, you know?


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