Teraphonique & DNZL444 – Made Men EP



Teraphonique & DNZL444 – Made Men EP

Made Men EP is a collaborative masterpiece that emerges from the creative synergy between Teraphonique and DNZL444.

This EP transcends traditional boundaries, seamlessly blending elements of deep house, techno, and ambient music.

The project holds 5 tracks and features the likes of Luigi Anywhere, Thama Tee, and a few more.

Each track within the EP is a sonic exploration, inviting listeners into a mesmerizing world of pulsating rhythms, ethereal melodies, and intricate soundscapes.

From the hypnotic beats of “Midnight Drive” to the atmospheric depths of “Echoes in the Void,” Made Men EP is a testament to the duo’s ability to craft immersive and captivating electronic experiences.

Teraphonique & DNZL444 – Made Men EP

1. Teraphonique & DNZL444 – Umashaya ft. Eeque

2. Teraphonique, DNZL444 & Ice Beats Slide – Nge’Nkani ft. Luigi Anywhere

3. Teraphonique, DNZL444 & Ma Lemon – Touch ft. Kekzo & Luigi Anywhere

4. Teraphonique & DNZL444 – Feels ft. Lindsey

5. Teraphonique & DNZL444 – Jy Saat ft. Thama Tee

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