Focalistic – Summer Ya Mapara ft. Mellow & Sleazy & Thama Tee



“Summer Ya Mapara” is another electrifying track from Focalistic, featuring the production talents of Mellow & Sleazy and the vocal prowess of Thama Tee. This song is a perfect anthem for the summer, capturing the essence of fun, sun, and high-energy festivities that characterize the season.

The production by Mellow & Sleazy is upbeat and vibrant, with a mix of deep bass, rhythmic percussion, and catchy synth lines that create an irresistible groove. Thama Tee’s vocal contributions add a melodic layer that complements Focalistic’s rap verses, creating a balanced and dynamic track.

Focalistic made the release from his latest project titled 13 POS.

Focalistic’s lyrical content in “Summer Ya Mapara” is all about enjoying life and making the most of the good times. His delivery is lively and enthusiastic, perfectly matched to the song’s energetic beat. The chorus, which highlights the carefree vibes of summer, is particularly catchy and likely to become a sing-along favorite at parties and gatherings.

Overall, “Summer Ya Mapara” is a track that embodies the spirit of summer and the vibrant energy of Amapiano, making it a must-add to any summer playlist.

Focalistic – Summer Ya Mapara ft. Mellow & Sleazy and Thama Tee

Focalistic – Summer Ya Mapara ft. Mellow & Sleazy and Thama Tee

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