Have Lady Zamar & Sjava moved on?



Lady Zamar and Sjava shook South Africans through last-week after serving different version on the rape allegation.

In 2019, the BET winner disclosed they dated 2 years, afterwards, Zamar detailed in a thread of tweets on how she was abused in the relationship, she went on to claim that he also raped her.

This allegation got Sjava loosing gigs and other amazing opportunities, which triggered him to spill out his side of story.

He said he didn’t treat her well in the relationship due to his music career and he was also in a relationship which the Collide hitmaker was aware of, but her claimed not raping her.

Lady Zamar immediately went Live on Instagram and narrated the incident. She called him a rapist, and that she had no choice than to fall into a relationship with him after the deed has been done.

However, waking up to social media this Monday morning, the two’s posts seem like nothing happened last week.

Sjava captioned a snap of himself with: “I’m blessed”, while Zamar flaunts her beauty on Instagram, after having a swell time at the Nubian festival held in Sun City.


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