Zakes Bantwini – iParty 2.0 ft. Simmy & Drega



ALBUM: Zakes Bantwini – The Star Is Reborn

“iParty 2.0” by Zakes Bantwini featuring Simmy & Drega is an infectious blend of Afro-house and captivating vocals. The track opens with an upbeat rhythm that immediately sets a lively and groove-filled atmosphere.

Zakes Bantwini, alongside Simmy & Drega, delivers a dynamic and spirited performance. “iParty 2.0” embodies a spirit of celebration and musical euphoria, portrayed through its vibrant melodies and energetic composition.

He made the latest release from his album titled The Star Is Reborn.

This track’s pulsating beats and spirited vocal deliveries make it an exciting addition to playlists seeking vibrant and dance-inducing tunes, offering a fusion of lively beats and dynamic vocal performances.

Zakes Bantwini – iParty 2.0 ft. Simmy & Drega

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