LYRICS: YoungstaCPT – South African Hip Hop Industry



LYRICS: YoungstaCPT – South African Hip Hop Industry

[Verse 1]
Robbed the whole industry cause it sickens me
They say that sex sells, I should learn how to chance spit disease
I’m spittin’ these, I’m ill with these like [?]
I run up in your castle, put a bullet in the kind and queen
But most of y’all just wanna run the game right?
I’m still on the corner watching my braas get in gang fights
[?] alliance, yeah I’m part of that
You can’t hold me down for long cause I’m too strong for that
I feel like I’m the young King Kong of rap
25 mixtapes and I still ain’t got my props for that
Fuck it though I didn’t ask for your penny
Most of these birds migrate and turn their backs on the city
You think I didn’t but I saw your whole [?]
No kak and I’m coming with the army and we so just
You were in deep [?] of that
You’d think I was a student by the way I make this paper stack
Don’t bite my shit and don’t try that
One of the best and I just realised that
Got so much beats cause I can [?] that
Cape Town is the place where the [?] at
Where you find that?
Raw shit in CPT, better check that mind map
Drive through my hood on the late night, click-clack motherfucker it’s a highjack
Now switch that shit off
Take that shit off
If you don’t they gon’ let that click off
Kill off those who swore by the Samurai sword
Motherfucker I take your head off
And now a headless corpse is all that is left
But when I go I hope I die with a warrior’s death (Death, death)

[Verse 2]
Get the fuck up out my face with all that fake shit nigga
I see you jumpin’ ’round on MTV Base bitch
And I ain’t mad at ya, shit I’m glad he did
But apparently my shit is too raw for television
A lot of dick suckin’
A lot of favouritism
And you can catch me at all the events that A-list isn’t
So that means I’m hardly ever out
I’m mostly in the hood with the captains and the generals
A gangster and a gentleman
Weapons in both hands will eliminate the middle man
I wasn’t hatin’, I just really wasn’t feelin’ them
I fucked this princess, call me the Western Cape William
A lot of hype being praised
A lot of minds need to change
I’m, one of the few new rappers who can flip the script
I make commercial tracks and I’m still considered a lyricist
But I never seem to get that point across
So before I lose my temper let me kneel down in the Mosque
I hope the all mighty spirit gives forgiveness to me
Cause sin is something I’m gonna do continuously
I’m playin’ Russian Roulette in my bed before I sleep
I load a bullet in the barrel, I spill it and squeeze
I wouldn’t advise that anybody try it
But to my surprise I still didn’t die yet


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