2woshort & Stompiiey – Sek’seduze EP



2woshort & Stompiiey – Sikelela ft. DBN Gogo, Nvcho & Madlamini

“Enter a world of musical synergy with the ‘Sek’seduze EP’ by 2woshort & Stompiiey.

This EP serves as a testament to their collaborative brilliance, presenting a collection of tracks that blend genres and styles seamlessly.

2woshort and Stompiiey introduced the project with tracks like Sek’seduze featuring Josiah De Disciple, Sikelela featuring DBN Gogo, Nvcho & Madlamini, and a few more together.

Each composition within the EP offers a unique sonic narrative, showcasing the duo’s ability to craft diverse soundscapes that captivate and resonate.”

2woshort & Stompiiey – Sek’seduze EP

1. 2woshort & Stompiiey – Mogodu Monday ft. Marlode & Owams

2. 2woshort & Stompiiey – Sikelela ft. DBN Gogo, Nvcho & Madlamini

3. 2woshort & Stompiiey – Don’t Die ft. K.O.B SA

4. 2woshort & Stompiiey – Kumnadi Mas’jubulile ft. K.O.B SA & AI Xapo

5. 2woshort & Stompiiey – Lahlumlenze ft. AI Xapo & Scott Maphuma

6. 2woshort & Stompiiey – Inkinga ft. DK, Marlode & Owams

7. 2woshort & Stompiiey – Amasheleni ft. Marlode & Owams

8. 2woshort & Stompiiey – Sek’seduze ft Josiah De Disciple

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