ALBUM: Babalwa M – Pisces



Babalwa M – Pisces

“Pisces” by Babalwa M is a captivating album that delves into the depths of emotional storytelling and musical artistry.

Drawing inspiration from the astrological sign of Pisces, the album explores themes of introspection, sensitivity, and creativity.

She opened the project with tracks like Phendula featuring Sia Mzizi and Pholisa featuring Stixx & Baby S.O.N with Kelvin Momo

Babalwa M’s soulful vocals take center stage, accompanied by lush instrumentation and intricate production that creates a rich sonic landscape.

From introspective ballads to upbeat anthems, “Pisces” offers a diverse range of musical experiences that resonate with listeners on a profound level, making it a standout addition to the contemporary R&B and soul music scene.

ALBUM: Babalwa M – Pisces

1. Babalwa M – Pisces (feat. Nia Pearl)

2. Babalwa M & Kelvin Momo – Pholisa (feat. Stixx & Baby S.O.N)

3. Babalwa M & Kelvin Momo – Phendula (feat. Sia Mzizi)

4. Babalwa M & Stixx – Izithembiso

5. Babalwa M – Ngapha

6. Babalwa M – Mehlomadala (feat. Bassie & Nia Pearl)

7. Babalwa M – Sondela (feat. Stixx)

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