ALBUM: Busta 929 – 929 Leaks



“929 Leaks” is a highly anticipated album by Busta 929, a prominent figure in the Amapiano scene.

This album is a collection of tracks that have either been previously leaked or are new releases, showcasing Busta 929’s signature sound and production prowess. Known for his ability to create infectious beats and memorable hooks, Busta 929 does not disappoint with this offering.

Strauss Yanos, Busta 929, and Element Keyz recently worked together on Badzakiwe featuring S.lizzy, Relevant Emcee, and FvnkyBazhele.

The album features a mix of high-energy bangers and more laid-back, melodic tracks, providing a well-rounded listening experience. Each track is meticulously produced, with intricate layers of percussion, bass, and synths that create a rich and immersive soundscape. Busta 929’s ability to blend different elements of Amapiano, house, and kwaito is evident throughout the album.

These features enhance the album’s diversity, offering listeners a range of styles and voices.

Busta 929’s “929 Leaks” is a testament to his talent and creativity, solidifying his place as a leading artist in the Amapiano genre and offering fans a treasure trove of new music to enjoy.

ALBUM: Busta 929 – 929 Leaks

ALBUM: Busta 929 – 929 Leaks

1. Busta 929 – Why

2. Busta 929 ft S.Lizzy, Straus Yanos & ChirnanBeatz – Wangifela

3. Busta 929 & Djy Vino ft Reeh Musiq, BON & ChirnanBeatz – Ungalahli ithemba

4. Busta 929 ft 20ty Soundz, Lolo SA, Mzostra, Straus Yanos & Element Keyz – Ka Le Zaza

5. Busta 929 – Iniquitous

6. Busta 929 – Medical Treatment

7. Busta 929 – Mr Ma’Timing

8. Busta 929 – Rythm & Blues

9. Busta 929 – Sefela

10. Busta 929 – Surgical Care

11. Busta 929 & Djy Vino ft Lolo SA & Reeh Music – Ngilimele

12. Busta 929 – Your Worship

13. Busta 929 ft Mfanakagogo & Reeh Musiq – Izindlela

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