ALBUM: Busta 929 – Love Potion



ALBUM: Busta 929 – Love Potion

Busta 929, a prominent figure in the Amapiano scene, enchants listeners with his latest musical concoction, the “Love Potion” album.

This sonic elixir becomes a testament to Busta 929’s prowess as a producer and curator within the Amapiano landscape, offering a collection of tracks that weave a spellbinding narrative.

The beats are carefully crafted, and the collaborations with various artists add layers of depth to the overall composition. Busta 929’s ability to blend diverse sounds within the Amapiano spectrum results in an album that captivates from start to finish.

Busta 929 made his recent when he dropped the Tear Drops Interlude.

As the album progresses, each track becomes a chapter in the story of “Love Potion,” showcasing Busta 929’s versatility and innovation within the genre. The album stands as a sonic journey, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the magical soundscape crafted by one of Amapiano’s maestros.

ALBUM: Busta 929 – Love Potion

1. Busta 929 – Sweety Wami ft. Lolo SA

2. Busta 929 – Yena ft. BON

3. Busta 929 – Mina Ngiyazifela Ngawe ft. Bello, Nation-365 & Blackchild

4. Busta 929 – Sbahle ft. Nation-365 & Lolo SA

5. Busta 929 – Khetha ft. Blackchild

6. Busta 929 – Fambani ft. Mashudu & Lolo SA

7. Busta 929 – Ride Or Die ft. Blackchild

8. Busta 929 – Ubuhle ft. Reeh Musiq

9. Busta 929 – Buya Dali ft. Bello & Nation-365

10. Busta 929 – Siyathandana ft. Reeh Musiq

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