ALBUM: Deep Essentials – Precious Love



ALBUM Deep Essentials – Precious Love

“Precious Love” is the latest offering from Deep Essentials, a highly anticipated album that showcases the producer’s signature style and musical prowess.

Fusing elements of deep house, soulful melodies, and Afro-house rhythms, Deep Essentials takes listeners on a captivating journey through soundscapes filled with emotion and groove.

King Deetoy, EZRA, and Deep Essentials recently worked together on House Mafias 2 EP.

Each track on the album is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, creating a cohesive listening experience that is both immersive and captivating.

From laid-back grooves to energetic anthems, “Precious Love” is a testament to Deep Essentials’ versatility and creativity, solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of electronic music.

ALBUM: Deep Essentials – Precious Love

1. Deep Essentials – Lalela

2. Deep Essentials & C-Moody – Mindful Of Everything

3. Deep Essentials & Lapie – Ordinary Love

4. Deep Essentials & Fatso 98 – I Wanna Know

5. Deep Essentials & Mr Shane SA – Mysterious People

6. Deep Essentials – Glory (Yeshua) ft. Mogomotsi Chosen

7. Deep Essentials – Without You (Love Hd Mix)

8. Deep Essentials, Tiyani & Oddxperienc – Fall For You

9. Deep Essentials – Hypnotize ft. KayDeep

10. Deep Essentials, Spin Worx & Dynamic Soul – Crazy In Love (Vocal Mix)

11. Deep Essentials – Gratitude

12. Deep Essentials & Efkay Da Shiqwan – I’m Ready (Hd Mix)

13. Deep Essentials & Juggernot – It’s Not That Deep

14. Deep Essentials – I’m Awake (Hd Mix)

15. Deep Essentials – Trust In Me

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