ALBUM: DJ Bongz – Elevation



“Elevation” by DJ Bongz is not just an album; it’s a musical odyssey that showcases the evolution of a seasoned artist in the South African music scene. The album is a comprehensive collection of tracks that span various genres and moods, offering a diverse listening experience.

DJ Bongz’s production prowess is evident throughout “Elevation,” as he effortlessly navigates between Amapiano, Afro-house, and other influences.

He opened the project also with It’s Over Boy.

The album features a mix of solo tracks and collaborations, each highlighting DJ Bongz’s ability to curate a musical journey that is both cohesive and explorative.

The title, “Elevation,” speaks to the album’s themes of growth, ascension, and pushing artistic boundaries.

This album is a must-listen for fans who appreciate music that goes beyond the surface, offering a multi-faceted view of DJ Bongz’s artistry.

ALBUM: DJ Bongz – Elevation

ALBUM: DJ Bongz – Elevation

DJ Bongz, Afro Toxic & Ubani – Ngafelu Bala

DJ Bongz – Awung’fanele

DJ Bongz, Stoorne, Ayarh Soul, Deeh & Akim – Drive

DJ Bongz – Emotion (feat. Hessy)

DJ Bongz – Ekhaya (feat. Thobz)

DJ Bongz & Drega – Meme

DJ Bongz & Drega – Fooling Me

DJ Bongz & Thobza – Kardashian’s

DJ Bongz, Dlala & Funkyqlar – Hey Sister

DJ Bongz, Mondli Ngcobo, Skywanda & Skills – It’s Over Boy

DJ Bongz & Thobza – Omega

DJ Bongz & Stoorne – Mosquito

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