ALBUM: DJ Bongz & Phinova – Flip Side



DJ Bongz & Phinova – Nkosi ft. Senzo Afrika

“Flip Side” is the highly anticipated collaborative album from DJ Bongz and Phinova, two powerhouse producers known for their innovative approach to dance music.

This album sees the duo pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories, delivering a fresh and exciting listening experience for fans old and new.

Featuring a diverse range of tracks spanning various genres and styles, “Flip Side” showcases DJ Bongz and Phinova’s versatility as producers. DJ Bongz introduced the project also when he worked with Phinova on Nkosi featuring Senzo Afrika.

From infectious house beats to soulful melodies and everything in between, this album has something for everyone.

DJ Bongz and Phinova have once again proven themselves as forces to be reckoned with in the world of electronic music, cementing their status as industry heavyweights with this stellar release.

ALBUM: DJ Bongz & Phinova – Flip Side

1. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Bambelela ft. Hessy

2. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Amaphupho ft. Thoby Dladla & MLU

3. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Trailer ft. Ayarh Soul

4. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Nkosi ft. Senzo Afrika

5. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Wena ft. Thoby Dladla

6. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Rockstar

7. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Electronic

8. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Muvango

9. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Going Down

10. DJ Bongz & Phinova – Amandla

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