ALBUM: DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – The African Kings



DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – The African Kings

“The African Kings” is a collaborative album by DJ Melzi and Mkeyz that stands as a testament to their collective artistry and musical prowess.

The album showcases a fusion of their unique styles, resulting in a sonic journey that traverses various genres and moods. With its title reflecting a sense of regality and cultural celebration, the album promises an engaging listening experience that pays homage to its African roots.

DJ Melzi and Mkeyz pulled the stunt together when they dropped Impilo.

Each track on “The African Kings” is a chapter that contributes to the larger narrative.

DJ Melzi and Mkeyz seamlessly blend elements of Amapiano, Afro-house, and more, creating a diverse palette of sounds that cater to a wide range of musical preferences. From infectious dance tracks to introspective moments, the album captures the essence of their creative chemistry.

The album is more than just an album; it’s a collaborative statement of artistic vision and a celebration of the African music scene.

The combined talents of DJ Melzi and Mkeyz create a tapestry of sounds that reflect their collective journey, making the album a significant addition to the contemporary South African music landscape.

ALBUM: DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – The African Kings

ALBUM: DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – The African Kings

1. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Buya Nkosi

2. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – iNkosi Inamandla

3. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Impilo

4. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Dali

5. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Ekhaya

6. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Sizo

7. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – La Kholelwa

8. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Mayibuye iAfrica

9. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Inkinga Yothando

10. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Sizobuya

11. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Amandla a Modimo

12. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Muntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu

13. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Zama Futhi

14. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Wam’Amaphuta

15. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Trust No Man

16. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – Tiwela Jwala

17. DJ Melzi & Mkeyz – African Spirit

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