ALBUM: Djy Zan SA – G4ssed



ALBUM: Djy Zan SA – G4ssed

G4ssed is an electrifying album by Djy Zan SA, setting a new standard for the amapiano genre.

With its infectious rhythms, soulful melodies, and innovative production techniques, the album captivates listeners from start to finish.

The project holds 10 tracks and feature the likes of Mpho Spizz and a few more on the project. KillerKat_467 and Djy Zan SA recently paired up on Static.

Djy Zan SA showcases his versatility as a producer, seamlessly blending elements of house, kwaito, and Afrobeat to create a sound that is uniquely his own.

From the anthemic “G4ssed Up” to the soul-stirring “Sunset Dreams,” each track on the album offers a fresh perspective on the amapiano sound, solidifying Djy Zan SA’s reputation as a pioneer in the genre.

ALBUM: Djy Zan SA – G4ssed

1. Djy Zan SA – Chomi Kamngani ft. Mpho Spizzy

2. Djy Zan SA – Elements Of Surprise

3. Djy Zan SA – End Of Story

4. Djy Zan SA – Hamba No Zani

5. Djy Zan SA – Kwenzenjani

6. Djy Zan SA – Let’s Go ft. Musiqal Stylist

7. Djy Zan SA – M&M

8. Djy Zan SA – No Recognition

9. Djy Zan SA – Snake In The Water ft. Musiqal Stylist

10. Djy Zan SA – Underrated

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