ALBUM: Gigi Lamayne – Vision



Gigi Lamayne

“Vision” is an album by Gigi Lamayne that showcases her versatility as an artist and her ability to blend various genres and styles.

Each track within the album offers a different facet of Gigi Lamayne’s musical expertise, from introspective rap verses to catchy pop-infused melodies. “Vision” invites listeners to immerse themselves in a diverse and thought-provoking musical journey that celebrates the power of music to inspire and provoke thought.

She continues to hold the Hip Hop genre as much as she can. Her recent involvement was when she dropped Menzi Ngubane featuring Lady Du, Robot Boii, Ntosh Gazi & Mustbedubz

With its combination of introspective lyrics and eclectic melodies, “Vision” is more than just an album; it’s a musical exploration of personal growth, artistic vision, and the complexities of life and creativity.

This album serves as a testament to Gigi Lamayne’s artistry and innovation in the world of hip-hop and pop music, offering a sonic escape that allows listeners to embrace the richness of musical expression.

ALBUM: Gigi Lamayne – Vision

1. Gigi Lamayne, Lady Du & Robot Boii ft Ntosh Gazi & Mustbedubz – Menzi Ngubane

2. Gigi Lamayne ft Okyeame Kwame & Holy Ten – Qoqo

3. Gigi Lamayne ft Chukido – No Shakara

4. Gigi Lamayne – Ikuwe

5. Gigi Lamayne ft Chukido – Kilimanjaro

6. Gigi Lamayne & Masterkraft – World Dance

7. Gigi Lamayne ft Just Bheki – My Chicken

8. Gigi Lamayne – Let My People Go

9. Gigi Lamayne ft אתניקס – Walk Funny

10. Gigi Lamayne ft Natasha Chansa – Africa Is Not a Jungle

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