ALBUM: Jay Sax – Tatiana



ALBUM: Jay Sax – Tatiana

“Tatiana” is an Amapiano album by Jay Sax, featuring a collection of tracks that showcase the artist’s musical prowess within the genre.

The album encompasses a variety of Amapiano styles, from mellow and contemplative compositions to high-energy dance tunes. Jay Sax demonstrates his versatility and ability to create a diverse range of Amapiano sounds, appealing to a broad spectrum of listeners.

Jay Sax also dropped a few tracks from the album like TATIANA featuring Abidoza & PlayNevig, TIBUTE 2 LUCY featuring DJ Stokie, Saxo featuring Mdu aka TRP, and a few more on it.

Whether it’s a soothing and introspective piece or an upbeat dance track, the album takes listeners on a musical journey that explores the many facets of Amapiano.

With its eclectic mix of Amapiano styles and captivating compositions, “Tatiana” is set to become a favorite among Amapiano enthusiasts, offering a comprehensive and immersive listening experience.

ALBUM: Jay Sax – Tatiana

1. Jay Sax – TATIANA ft. Abidoza & PlayNevig

2. Jay Sax – DAY & NITE ft. Kelvin Momo & Ta Skipper

3. Jay Sax – KHWELA KHWELA ft. Reed

4. Jay Sax ft. Marcus MC, Ts The Vocalist & Tycoon – MALI

5. Jay Sax – TIBUTE 2 LUCY ft. DJ Stokie

6. Jay Sax – COLOURS ft. Mogomotsi Chosen & Kelvin Momo

7. Jay Sax – BATSHELE ft. Dinho, Optimist Music ZA & Vine Musiq

8. Jay Sax – MAKOTI ft. Khalil Harrison & Cooper SA

9. Jay Sax – MEMORIES ft. Major League DJz & Buja

10. Jay Sax – Saxo ft. Mdu aka TRP

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