ALBUM: MashBeatz – Fire In the Water



ALBUM: MashBeatz – Fire In the Water zip. Fire In the Water is the brand new album performed by record producer MashBeatz.

The project is a follow up to the 2018 project Thanks For Nothing which featured a long list of The Wrecking Crew artistes who have now departed from the label. The new LP features only A-Reece and the other Rubberbandcrew.



1. MashBeatz – Divine ft. A-Reece

2. MashBeatz – My Mom ft. A-Reece

3. MashBeatz – MeduSA ft. A-Reece & Krish

4. MashBeatz – Gold Fleece ft. A-Reece & Krish

5. MashBeatz – LifesTyle ft. A-Reece

6. MashBeatz – They Say ft. A-Reece, Wordz & Ex-Global

7. MashBeatz – Red Tuesday ft. A-Reece

8. MashBeatz – 777 ft. A-Reece, Krish & IMP DA DON

9. MashBeatz – Fallen Heroes ft. A-Reeece

10. MashBeatz – Round of Applause ft. IMP DA DON & Krish

11. MashBeatz – A Don’s Testimony ft. IMP DA DON

12. MashBeatz – Snake Island ft. A-Reece

13. MashBeatz – Mi Casa Su CasA ft. A-Reece

14. MashBeatz – Noah’s Ark ft. A-Reece & Krish

15. MashBeatz – Cuz’ ft. Wordz & A-Reece

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