ALBUM: Mvzzle – Thonga Lami



ALBUM: Mvzzle – Thonga Lami

Embark on a profound sonic journey with Mvzzle’s latest opus, “Thonga Lami.”

This album is not merely a collection of tracks but a testament to Mvzzle’s artistic prowess and his deep connection with the soulful realms of Amapiano.

Mvzzle’s production acumen is on full display, with each track serving as a canvas for intricate soundscapes and emotive melodies.

The album’s cohesiveness lies in its ability to evoke a range of emotions. He made his recent when he dropped Thonga Lami featuring Sindi Nkosazana and DJ Gizo.

The album unfolds like a musical novel, where every note, every beat, and every pause contributes to the overarching story that Mvzzle seeks to tell. It’s an immersive journey that invites listeners to not only hear but also feel the essence of Amapiano as interpreted by a masterful composer.

ALBUM: Mvzzle – Thonga Lami

1. Mvzzle – Thonga Lami ft. Sindi Nkosazana & DJ Gizo

2.Mvzzle & Zammy – Khanyisani ft. DJ Nelcee

3. Mvzzle & DJ Nelcee – Impumelelo ft. Rabo.M

4. Mvzzle, Mr Brown & DJ Nelcee – Emadlozini ft. Noxie Kay & Nacely

5. Mvzzle, DJ Nelcee & Mzux Maen – Lady Soul ft. Roki

6. Mvzzle & Zammy – Thando

7. Mvzzle & Zammy – Ungowami ft. DJ Nelcee & DJ Obza

8. Mvzzle – Funda ft. Noxie Kay

9. Mvzzle – Ngena ft. Mpumi & DJ Nelcee

10. Mvzzle – Dubula ft. Drip Gogo & M.J

11. Mvzzle – Why Why ft. M.J

12. Mvzzle – Omalicha ft. Bayor97 & El-Professor

13. Mvzzle – Straata Ke Office ft. M.J & 20ty Soundz

14. Mvzzle – Lazy Monkey SA & Mvzzle – Tell Me

15. Mvzzle – Que Nada

16. Mvzzle, JayPee DaKing & DJ Nelcee – Lazy Monkey

17. Mvzzle – Ke Bunz ft. Bobzen & JayPee DaKing

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