ALBUM: Newlandz Finest – The Culture of Gqom



ALBUM: Newlandz Finest – The Culture of Gqom

“The Culture of Gqom” by Newlandz Finest is a dynamic and robust album that pays homage to the raw and energetic roots of the Gqom genre.

Known for their groundbreaking work in the South African music scene, Newlandz Finest deliver a collection that encapsulates the essence of Gqom while pushing its boundaries with innovative production and compelling rhythms.

The album is a sonic journey through the streets of Durban, where Gqom originated. Each track pulsates with the genre’s signature heavy basslines, syncopated beats, and minimalistic yet powerful arrangements.

They recently also made an appearance when they dropped Cut To The Chase.

Tracks like “iGhost” and “Iskhalo” stand out with their hypnotic rhythms and intense energy, embodying the primal and raw feel that Gqom is known for. The duo also experiments with various textures and sounds, incorporating haunting vocal samples, eerie synths, and intricate drum patterns that add depth and complexity to their music.

The collaborations featured on the album bring diverse vocal styles and perspectives, enhancing the overall richness and variety of the project. The interplay between vocalists and the hard-hitting beats creates a powerful and engaging listening experience.

Newlandz Finest celebrate their heritage and the unique sound of Gqom, showcasing its evolution and its place in the global music landscape. This album is a must-listen for fans of Gqom and anyone interested in the vibrant and ever-evolving world of South African dance music.

ALBUM: Newlandz Finest – The Culture of Gqom

1. Newlandz Finest – Akeze Lo

2. Newlandz Finest – Woza

3. Newlandz Finest – Inkwezeli

4. Newlandz Finest – Bass Mover

5. Newlandz Finest – Yeye

6. Newlandz Finest – Under Dwgs

7. Newlandz Finest – Salute to K Dot Woza

8. Newlandz Finest – Salute to Lazz

9. Newlandz Finest – Project X

10. Newlandz Finest – Masheleni

11. Newlandz Finest – Umagandula

12. Newlandz Finest – Steady Bass

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