ALBUM: Oscar Mbo – For The Groovists



Oscar Mbo packages something new to his fans again titled For The Groovists.

Strictly for the grooves, he drops this hit track for all groove lovers. The album holds 14 amazing tracks with amazing features on it.

Mawhoo and Natalia Mabaso made appearances on Moya Wami and Let Me respectively as they helped in delivering the track to his fans the way he wants.

With Marcu Harvey and 031Choppa on the first track, he opens the album to his fans.


1. Oscar Mbo – I Need You (Groovy Remix) ft. Marcus Harvey & 031Choppa

2. Oscar Mbo – Genesis

3. Oscar Mbo – Raw Groove Serero (Premium Mix) ft. Griffith Malo

4. Oscar Mbo – Moya Wami ft. Mawhoo

5. Oscar Mbo – Reasons ft. Stagz Jazz

6. Oscar Mbo – Sunset Groove ft. Dvine Brothers

7. Oscar Mbo – Let Me ft. Natalia Mabaso

8. Oscar Mbo – Get2getha

9. Oscar Mbo – I Come to You ft. China Charmeleon

10. Oscar Mbo – Grateful ft. SGVO & Seko

11. Oscar Mbo – Lets Play

12. Oscar Mbo – For The Groovists

13. Oscar Mbo – Raw Groove Serero (Original Mix) ft. Griffith Malo

14. Oscar Mbo – Book Of Revelations ft. Deep Essentials

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