ALBUM: Pdot O – Cold Waters (Love Eternal)



ALBUM: Pdot O – Cold Waters (Love Eternal). Hip hop frontier, Pdot O releases a new album titled Cold Waters (Love Eternal). The new album joins the series of his Cold Water album series.

Features on the new project are sensational artistes, Blaklez, Angie Santana and several others. Listen to the LP below


Pdot O – Above Water

Pdot O – Mercy

Pdot O – Waiting (feat. Fuego Phoenix)

Pdot O – For Less

Pdot O – Gold (feat. Blaklez & Jacqueline)

Pdot O – Over You (feat. Don Trozo & RAE.Chil)

Pdot O – Can’t Fight (feat. RAE.Chil)

Pdot O – Prisoner (feat. Tyrone)

Pdot O – What More Can I Say

Pdot O ft Angie Santana – You Win Some You Lose Some

Pdot O – Beneath Water

Pdot O – Just One Wish

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