ALBUM: Priddy Ugly – DUST



ALBUM: Priddy Ugly – DUST

Priddy Ugly ventures into the Amapiano realm with the release of the “DUST” album, an exploration of dynamic vibes and genre fusion.

This album is not just a departure from the artist’s previous sounds; it’s a bold foray into the Amapiano landscape, where Priddy Ugly showcases his ability to adapt, innovate, and craft an album that resonates with the genre’s essence.

Priddy Ugly recently worked with Maglera Doe Boy on Ntja’ka featuring MashBeatz.

The album unfolds as a collection of tracks that seamlessly blend the artist’s signature style with the infectious energy of Amapiano. From club-ready anthems to introspective compositions, “DUST” becomes a testament to Priddy Ugly’s versatility and willingness to embrace new sonic territories.

Priddy Ugly’s fusion of lyricism and Amapiano creates a unique listening experience, inviting audiences to appreciate the dynamic vibes that emerge from this genre fusion.

ALBUM: Priddy Ugly – DUST

1. Priddy Ugly – Falling

2. Priddy Ugly & Maglera Doe Boy ft MashBeatz – Ntja’ka

3. Priddy Ugly – Whats the Math?

4. Priddy Ugly & Tyson Sybateli – So Disrespectful

5. Priddy Ugly – Piece 4 Peace

6. Priddy Ugly & Ginger Trill – I Aint Got the Answers

7. Priddy Ugly – No Plans

8. Priddy Ugly – Rest in Power

9. Priddy Ugly, K.Keed & Blxckie – Mosha

10. Priddy Ugly – Profit

11. Priddy Ugly & ZuluMecca – Soul Food

12. Priddy Ugly & Thato Saul – Family, Man

13. Priddy Ugly – Broken Home (Afrika’s Prayer)

14. Priddy Ugly – Go on (Outro)

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