ALBUM: Saudi – Msotra Don’t Die



“Msotra Don’t Die” by Saudi is a powerful and introspective album that delves into personal narratives and societal reflections.

The album offers a collection of tracks that blend elements of hip-hop and emotive storytelling.

Saudi’s lyricism and storytelling prowess are evident throughout “Msotra Don’t Die,” presenting a compelling narrative that navigates through life’s complexities. Each song within the album contributes to a cohesive yet diverse collection, offering a blend of introspective anthems and thought-provoking tunes.

The Hip Hop artist has been consistent as he also recently dropped Inyembezi.

With its honest lyricism and emotive compositions, “Msotra Don’t Die” stands as a testament to Saudi’s artistry and ability to craft compelling narratives through music.

ALBUM: Saudi – Msotra Don’t Die

1. Saudi – Father’s Day

2. Saudi – I Still Love You

3. Saudi – Roses

4. Saudi – Amalunde

5. Saudi – I’m Sorry

6. Saudi ft Emtee – Nkalakatha

7. Saudi – 48 Glizzy

8. Saudi – Carmelia’s Baby

9. Saudi – Loyal

10. Saudi – Politiki

11. Saudi – Honest & True

12. Saudi – Inyembezi

13. Saudi – Trauma

14. Saudi – Kwaal

15. Saudi – Chose Up

16. Saudi – Lonke

17. Saudi – Pardon Me

18. Saudi – The Prayer

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