ALBUM: Thuto The Human – I Am Not Human



Thuto The Human, KMAT & Tango Supreme – Bad Romance

I Am Not Human” by Thuto The Human is an innovative and genre-defying album that showcases the artist’s exceptional talent and creative vision.

This album seamlessly blends elements of Amapiano, Afrobeat, and hip-hop, creating a unique and captivating sonic experience.

The production on “I Am Not Human” is top-notch, characterized by deep basslines, intricate rhythms, and lush melodies. Thuto The Human demonstrates exceptional production skills, crafting tracks that are both dynamic and immersive. The album’s arrangements are meticulously crafted, allowing each element to shine and contributing to a cohesive and engaging listening experience. The use of traditional African musical elements, combined with contemporary electronic sounds, creates a unique and refreshing sound.

From the project, Thuto The Human and Khanyisa paired up on Ufuna Bani featuring Xduppy, ShaunMusiq, and Ftears.

Vocally, the album features a variety of talented artists who bring their unique styles and perspectives to the music. The lyrics throughout the album touch on themes of identity, resilience, and personal growth, resonating deeply with listeners. Thuto The Human’s emotive and powerful vocal performances are a highlight of the album, adding depth and intensity to the music.

It is a testament to the artist’s exceptional talent and dedication to creating music that is both forward-thinking and deeply rooted in African musical traditions. This album is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners and solidify Thuto The Human’s place as a leading force in the music industry.

ALBUM: Thuto The Human – I Am Not Human

1. Thuto The Human, Mellow & Sleazy & Gipa Entertainment – Mellow Okae ft. Mali B-flat

2. Thuto The Human & Shakes & Les – Home

3. Thuto The Human & Malaika M – KhumbulaThuto The Human & ReaDaSoul – Shimane ft. Scotts Maphuma

4. Thuto The Human & 2woBunnies – Tsukiri

5. Thuto The Human, Ice Beats Slide & Sbuda Maleather – Rekere Zero

6. Thuto The Human, KMAT & DBN Gogo – Daily Paper Remake ft. Ice Beats Slide & Sbuda Maleather

7. Thuto The Human & Khanyisa – Ufuna Bani ft. Xduppy, ShaunMusiq & Ftears

8. Thuto The Human, Mellow & Sleazy & Shakes & Les – Shaya Baba

9. Thuto The Human & Slade – Injustice

10. Thuto The Human, Nandipha808 & Ceeka RSA – Village

11. Thuto The Human – Bad Romance ft. KMAT & Tango Supreme

12. Thuto The Human – Dollar For Love (Baby)

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