ALBUM: Ugatsheni – Uyihlo Nonyoko



Ugatsheni introduces an album that resonates with cultural power and sonic expression in “Uyihlo Nonyoko.”

This release is not just a collection of tracks; it’s a musical journey that celebrates tradition, history, and the vibrant sounds of Maskandi, showcasing the group’s commitment to preserving and evolving their cultural musical roots.

Ugatsheni released the project from his latest Hit After Hit album.

The album unfolds with an array of Maskandi beats, offering a rhythmic tapestry that reflects the rich heritage of the Zulu people. The fusion of traditional instruments and modern production techniques creates a sonic landscape that bridges the gap between the past and the present.

The album invites listeners to immerse themselves in the authenticity of Maskandi, where each note becomes a celebration of Zulu heritage.

ALBUM: Ugatsheni – Uyihlo Nonyoko

uGatsheni – Ngicula Isingisi ft Big Zulu

uGatsheni – Ayibe Nemali Indoda

uGatsheni – Nkulunkulu Wamabhinca

uGatsheni – Obhuti Abadala

uGatsheni – Gender Based Violence ft Kwazi Nsele

uGatsheni – Isithombe Sami

uGatsheni – Isiqhwaga

uGatsheni – Hit After Hit

uGatsheni – Uyihlo Nonyoko (Song)

uGatsheni – Yaphela Imali Yami

uGatsheni – Uthando

uGatsheni – Igama Lakhe ft Jumbo

uGatsheni – Ngikhumbule Mama

uGatsheni – Unedimoni

uGatsheni – Ngingumuntu Womuntu ft Sne Ntuli

uGatsheni – Izinyokanyoka ft Umfoka Msezana


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