ALBUM: uLazi – Nobody Can Stop Mguzu



uLazi pulls up this new stunt titled Nobody Can Stop Mguzu.

He releases it with 12 tracks featuring tracks like Infinity MusiQ, Busta 929, Piano Killer, El-Keys, and a few more on it.

He remastered it with Nobody Can Stop Mguzu (Remastered) featuring Infinity MusiQ, Busta 929, and Djy Vino.

He keeps his race clean this year with tracks like Gijima featuring Thabza Tee, 3 Man Down, and a few more.

As one of the artists who always show their involvement, ULazi drops this new track.

ALBUM: uLazi – Nobody Can Stop Mguzu

uLazi – 325 i (feat. Infinity MusiQ, El-Kay MusiQ & El-Keys)
uLazi – Nobody Can Stop Mguzu (feat. Infinity MusiQ, Busta 929 & Djy Vino)
uLazi – yey (feat. Infinity MusiQ)
uLazi – 3 Man Down
uLazi – Super Strikes (feat. Infinity MusiQ)
uLazi – Alostro (feat. El-Keys)
uLazi – Ghost (feat. Infinity MusiQ)
uLazi – MOZACARDI MGUZU (feat. Thama tee, Gene & Piano Killer)
uLazi – Inspector (feat. Infinity MusiQ)
uLazi – Let’s Dance Tonight (feat. El-Kay MusiQ & El-Keys)
uLazi – Broken English (feat. El-Kay MusiQ & El-Keys)
uLazi – Runner (feat. Infinity MusiQ)


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