DJ Khyber, OHP Sage & Sykes – Khoma Khoma ft. Robot Boii & Uncool MC



“Khoma Khoma” by DJ Khyber, OHP Sage, and Sykes featuring Robot Boii and Uncool MC is a dynamic fusion of amapiano and hip-hop that pulses with infectious energy and attitude.

This is one of the grooves needed to keep the vibe going. Lady Du and Nkosazana Daughter recently Ngwenya featuring DJ Khyber and Shino Kikai.

DJ Khyber, OHP Sage, and Sykes’s energetic beat sets the stage for Robot Boii and Uncool MC’s fiery verses, creating a high-octane listening experience that demands attention.

The track’s bold lyrics and pulsating rhythm make it a standout addition to any playlist, with its infectious energy and infectious groove leaving listeners craving more.

DJ Khyber, OHP Sage & Sykes – Khoma Khoma (feat. Robot Boii & Uncool MC)

DJ Khyberr, OHP Sage & Sykes – Khoma Khomaa (feat. Robot Boii & Uncool MC)

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