Funky QLA – Dark or Durban EP



Funky QLA – Izingoma Ezimnandi ft. TNS, DJ Tira & Beast RSA

“Dark or Durban EP” by Funky QLA is a dynamic collection that merges elements of Gqom and Afro-house, creating a distinct sonic journey. The EP presents a range of tracks that encapsulate the essence of Durban’s vibrant music scene.

Funky QLA’s production expertise shines through each track, delivering infectious rhythms and compelling beats. “Dark or Durban EP” embodies a blend of energetic tunes and immersive melodies, capturing the spirit of the city’s nightlife and musical diversity.

He also opened the project with Izingoma Ezimnandi featuring TNS, DJ Tira, and Beast RSA.

With its diverse soundscape and engaging compositions,  showcases Funky QLA’s skill in crafting tracks that appeal to a wide audience, offering an energetic and rhythmically rich experience.

Funky QLA – Dark or Durban EP

1. Funky Qla & Skye Wanda – Ngiyekele

2. Funky Qla, Zaba, & Kususa – Uyingozi ft. Argento Dust

3. Funky Qla, TNS, & DJ Tira – Izingoma Ezimnandi ft. Beast Rsa

4. Funky Qla & Dlala Thukzin – Dark or Durban

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