June Jazzin – Lifestyle Jam EP



June Jazzin – Lifestyle Jam EP

“Lifestyle Jam” by June Jazzin is a vibrant and rhythmically engaging EP that celebrates the essence of a joyous and lively lifestyle. The EP’s title encapsulates its theme, promising a musical experience that embodies the spirit of vibrant living and celebration.

Each track within the EP pulsates with infectious rhythms, lively beats, and June Jazzin’s signature style.

The South African made his recent when he pulled a stunt on What We Love.

From the energetic opening to the melodious arrangements, the EP offers a fusion of soulful melodies and dance-inducing tunes, catering to a diverse audience.

The collection of tracks within the EP serves as a soundtrack to joyful moments, lively gatherings, and any occasion that calls for vibrant and uplifting music.

June Jazzin – Lifestyle Jam EP

1. June Jazzin – Lifestyle Jam (Original Mix)

2. June Jazzin – Lifestyle Jam (Broken Beat / Nu-Jazz)

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