Malome Vector – 1964 EP



Malome Vector – 1964 EP

“1964 EP” is the latest offering from Malome Vector, showcasing the artist’s versatility and creativity across a collection of tracks that span various genres and styles.

From soulful ballads to upbeat anthems, the EP takes listeners on a sonic journey through Malome Vector’s musical influences and experiences.

Mally recently delivered on Type Yami which featured the effort of Malome Vector.

Each track is a testament to the artist’s talent and artistry, with thoughtful lyrics and captivating melodies that leave a lasting impression.

The EP is a must-listen for fans of Malome Vector and anyone looking for music that speaks to the heart and soul.

Malome Vector – 1964 EP

1. Malome Vector – Coming Thru

2. Malome Vector – Please Pray ft. Mlindo The Vocalist

3. Malome Vector – Naledi

4. Malome Vector – Bashemane ft. Ntate Stunna

5. Malome Vector – Chop Chop

6. Malome Vector – Move On

7. Malome Vector – Rebafumane ft. Ntate Stunna

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