Malumz on Decks – Uzuri EP



Malumz on Decks – Uzuri EP

Malumz on Decks’ “Uzuri EP” is a mesmerizing collection that blends deep house and Afro beats to create a lush auditory experience.

Each track is meticulously produced, featuring layers of intricate rhythms, soulful melodies, and vibrant percussive elements that are characteristic of Malumz on Decks’ signature style.

The EP opens with tracks that immediately draw you in with their warm, pulsating beats and smooth transitions. The use of traditional African instruments and modern electronic elements creates a dynamic contrast that is both fresh and familiar. Throughout the EP, Malumz on Decks manage to maintain a consistent groove, making it perfect for both relaxed listening and energetic dance sessions.

He opened the project when he dropped Skontiri.

Vocals on the EP are another highlight, with various featured artists bringing their unique flavors to the tracks. These collaborations enrich the overall sound, adding depth and variety to the EP. Each song tells its own story, but collectively, they create a cohesive narrative that reflects themes of love, celebration, and cultural pride.

The production quality is exceptional, with a clear attention to detail that ensures every beat and melody is perfectly balanced. The EP’s mixing and mastering are done with precision, ensuring a high-quality listening experience whether you’re playing it on a high-end sound system or through your headphones.

It’s a vibrant, uplifting, and thoroughly enjoyable project that showcases the duo’s growth and versatility as artists.

Malumz on Decks – Uzuri EP

1. Malumz on Decks – Siyobonana ft. Pixie L

2. Malumz on Decks & Mpho.Wav – Teka

3. Malumz on Decks – S’vuthela iNumber [JnrSA Remake] ft. Murumba Pitch

4. Malumz on Decks – Skontiri

5. Malumz on Decks – Hamba Nami ft. Dearson

6. Malumz on Decks – Vaccine ft. Kitchen Mess

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