MDU aka TRP – The Originator EP



MDU aka TRP – Idwedwe ft. Tracy & DJ Maphorisa

The Originator EP” by MDU aka TRP is a masterful project that showcases the artist’s exceptional talent and innovative approach to Amapiano.

This EP is a testament to MDU aka TRP’s ability to push the boundaries of the genre, creating a collection of tracks that are both dynamic and captivating.

The production is rich and multi-layered, featuring melodic elements that create a soundscape that is both immersive and engaging. As the track progresses, the energy builds, drawing listeners into a world of rhythmic complexity and melodic beauty.

Each track on “The Originator EP” builds on this foundation, offering a mix of high-energy dance tracks and more introspective pieces. He introduced the project when he dropped Idwedwe featuring Tracy and DJ Maphorisa.

The EP’s production is polished and sophisticated, with MDU aka TRP crafting a sound that is both contemporary and timeless. The use of traditional African elements, such as percussion and vocal chants, adds authenticity and cultural richness to the tracks.

Overall, “The Originator EP” is a standout project that highlights MDU aka TRP’s exceptional talent and creativity. It’s a must-listen for fans of Amapiano, offering a blend of dynamic production and captivating melodies that create a truly unforgettable listening experience. This EP is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners and further establish MDU aka TRP as a leading artist in the genre.

MDU aka TRP – The Originator EP

MDU aka TRP – Sabela (feat. Tracy & Thatohatsi)
MDU aka TRP – Ungowami
MDU aka TRP – True Story (feat. Mathandos & Nvcho)
MDU aka TRP – Show Me
MDU aka TRP – Wothi (feat. Thatohatsi)
MDU aka TRP – Martin Luther King
MDU aka TRP – Idwedwe (feat. Tracy & DJ Maphorisa)

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