Moojo & Caiiro – NGWINO EP



Moojo & Caiiro – NGWINO EP

The “NGWINO EP” by Moojo and Caiiro is a highly anticipated collaboration that brings together two talented producers known for their contributions to the Afro-House genre.

The EP is expected to showcase their combined musical prowess and unique artistic visions.

Featuring a collection of tracks, the “NGWINO EP” is likely to offer listeners a diverse sonic experience, ranging from deep and soulful grooves to energetic and uplifting rhythms.

Caiiro made his recent when he worked on Heavy-K ‘s track titled Jabula featuring Aymos and Ndoni.

Moojo and Caiiro’s collaborative efforts are expected to result in a seamless fusion of their respective styles, creating a cohesive body of work that resonates with fans of Afro House music.

With Moojo and Caiiro at the helm, listeners can expect high-quality production, infectious rhythms, and memorable melodies that leave a lasting impression.

Moojo & Caiiro – NGWINO EP

1. Moojo & Caiiro – NGWINO (Original Mix)

2. Moojo & Caiiro – I Want You ft. Szon

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