Musa Keys – Mix It Up, Vol. 3



Musa Keys, Teni & A$AP Nast – Livin My Life ft. Toby Franco & Nkulee501

Musa Keys drop the volume 3 of Mix It Up.

This third volume in the “Mix It Up” series continues to push the boundaries of sound and creativity, offering a rich and diverse listening experience.

The album is a carefully curated collection of tracks that highlight Musa Keys’ ability to blend traditional Amapiano elements with contemporary influences. Each track is a testament to his production skills, featuring intricate beats, deep basslines, and melodic harmonies that create a captivating and immersive soundscape.

Off the project, he worked with Teni & A$AP Nast – Livin My Life featuring Toby Franco and Nkulee501.

From the opening track, listeners are drawn into a world of rhythmic complexity and melodic beauty. The album seamlessly transitions from high-energy dance tracks to more reflective and introspective pieces, showcasing the breadth of Musa Keys’ musical vision.

Vocals play a significant role throughout the album, with guest artists adding their unique flair to the tracks. The collaborative efforts result in a dynamic and varied listening experience, with each song offering something new and exciting.

It’s a must-listen for fans of Amapiano and anyone looking for innovative and captivating music that transcends genre boundaries. This album is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners and further cement Musa Keys’ place as a leading artist in the Amapiano scene.

Musa Keys – Mix It Up, Vol. 3

Musa Keys, Teni & Toby Franco – Come Closer
Musa Keys, Unknown T & XDuppy – No Police
Musa Keys, Teni & A$AP Nast – Livin My Life (feat. Toby Franco & Nkulee501)

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