Nandipha808 – Jan Fever EP



Nandipha808 – Jan Fever EP

In the heart of the sonic landscape, Nandipha808 ignites a blaze with the “Jan Fever” EP.

This musical journey encapsulates the energy and vitality of the new year, translating it into a dynamic collection of tracks that resonate with both vigor and innovation.

Philharmonic and Nandipha808 pulled their recent stunt on Wamulaba featuring Ceeka RSA, Gaziba, and Pushkin RSA.

The EP kicks off with an infectious rhythm, setting the tone for what unfolds as a spirited sonic exploration. Nandipha808’s production finesse becomes evident, as each track within the “Jan Fever” EP boasts a distinct flavor while maintaining a cohesive thread.

From the euphoric highs to the intricate beats, the EP becomes a celebration of sonic diversity.

As listeners delve into the tracks, they experience the unique blend of genres and influences that define Nandipha808’s sound.

Nandipha808 – Jan Fever EP

1. Nandipha808, Amzin Deep & Kaytee NA – Need For Speed

2. Nandipha808 – New Piano (feat. Amzin Deep & Kaytee NA)

3. Nandipha808 & Amzin Deep – New Piano 2 (feat. DJ Kwamzy, Kaytee NA & Nevrr49)

4. Nandipha808, Jay Music & MystroJazz – Club Banger 444

5. Nandipha808, Deestar Za & Givem Tyler Litch – Dlala Uzozwa (feat. Boips)

6. Nandipha808, Amzin Deep & Nation Deep – Stena 001

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