Ntate Tshego – Blessings EP



Ntate Tshego – Blessings EP

Ntate Tshego presents the “Blessings” EP, a musical project expected to be filled with uplifting and soulful Amapiano compositions.

As the title suggests, “Blessings,” this EP is likely to carry themes of gratitude, positivity, and celebration.

The EP format allows Ntate Tshego to showcase his musical prowess across multiple tracks, offering listeners a comprehensive experience of his artistry.

Each track is anticipated to bring a unique flavor, blending traditional Amapiano elements with innovative production techniques.

“Blessings” EP is expected to contribute to the rich tapestry of Amapiano releases, adding Ntate Tshego’s distinctive voice and style to the genre.

As listeners dive into this musical journey, they can anticipate a fusion of soulful melodies, rhythmic beats, and an overall uplifting atmosphere that defines the Amapiano experience.

Ntate Tshego – Blessings EP

1. Ntate Tshego – Count Your Blessings ft. Terry D

2. Ntate Tshego – Me Again ft. Dearson

3. Ntate Tshego – Soul Searching ft. Fako

4. Ntate Tshego – Uthando Lwakho ft. French August

5. Ntate Tshego – True To Self

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