Sfarzo Rtee – The New Testament EP



Sfarzo Rtee – The New Testament EP

Sfarzo Rtee introduces “The New Testament EP,” a musical proclamation that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of Amapiano.

This collection is not just a series of tracks; it’s an artistic manifesto where Sfarzo Rtee asserts his creative vision and sonic exploration.

The EP becomes a canvas where genres blend, and experimentation reigns supreme. Sfarzo Rtee collaborates with various artists, creating a dynamic interchange of ideas that further elevates the sonic landscape.

He opened the project when he worked with T&T Musiq and Mpho Spizzy on Heh Bafwethu.

Sfarzo Rtee doesn’t adhere to musical norms; instead, he challenges them. The EP becomes a testament to the limitless possibilities within the Amapiano genre, where innovation and boundary-pushing become the norm.

Sfarzo Rtee’s EP is more than a collection of songs; it’s a declaration of individuality and a bold step into uncharted territory.

Sfarzo Rtee – The New Testament EP

1. Sfarzo Rtee & Makhanj – Ngisenkingeni

2. Sfarzo Rtee & Raspy – Ukube (feat. Mzizi & Reed)

3. Sfarzo Rtee & Makhanj – Bawo Vula

4. Sfarzo Rtee – Leave you 2 (feat. Jay Sax & Nanette)

5. Sfarzo Rtee & Raspy – Ngcwele Ngcwele (feat. Reed & Soul Jam)

6. Sfarzo Rtee, T&T Musiq & Mpho Spizzy – Heh Bafwethu

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