SGVO – VO Deluxe EP



SGVO & Oscar Mbo – Paso

SGVO’s “VO Deluxe EP” might expand on his established sound, showcasing a diverse range of tracks exploring various facets of house music.

This deluxe edition could offer an extended musical journey, featuring intricate compositions, immersive melodies, and sophisticated production.

He also opened the project when he worked with Oscar Mbo on Paso.

SGVO’s ability to create emotionally resonant music with a blend of deep, soulful sounds and energetic beats might shine through in this EP, providing a collection of tunes suitable for both deep introspection and the dancefloor.

SGVO – VO Deluxe EP

1. SGVO, Artwork Sounds & Nvcho – Ngiya’khala

2. SGVO & Oscar Mbo – Paso

3. SGVO & MaWhoo – iKhaya

4. SGVO, Artwork Sounds & Pushkin RSA – Zulu (Remix)

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