!Sooks – 4 The Floor EP



!Sooks – 4 The Floor EP

!Sooks’ “4 The Floor EP” is a dynamic and energetic offering that captures the essence of the dance floor.

Known for his innovative approach to house music, !Sooks delivers an EP that is brimming with infectious rhythms and vibrant melodies, designed to get listeners moving. Each track is a testament to his production skills, blending traditional house elements with modern electronic sounds to create something fresh and exciting.

The EP opens with high-energy tracks that immediately set the tone for a dance-centric experience. From the pounding bass lines to the crisp hi-hats, the production is clean and powerful, ensuring each beat hits with maximum impact.

!Sooks recently  involved the effort of Dwson when they dropped Eva together.

The EP also showcases !Sooks’ knack for creating memorable hooks and catchy grooves. These elements are woven into the fabric of each track, making them instantly recognizable and highly addictive. The production quality is top-notch, with a clear, polished sound that highlights the intricacies of the arrangements.

Overall, “4 The Floor EP” is a high-energy, dance-ready collection that highlights !Sooks’ talent and creativity.

!Sooks – 4 The Floor EP

1. !Sooks & Ed-Ward – Think Twice (Original Mix)
2. !Sooks – F5 (Original Mix)

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