ThackzinDJ & King Caro – Impilo EP



ThackzinDJ & King Caro – Impilo EP

“Impilo EP” by ThackzinDJ and King Caro is a dynamic exploration of amapiano sounds, highlighting the duo’s prowess in delivering infectious beats and captivating melodies.

With “Impilo,” which means “life” in Zulu, the EP presents a vibrant and life-affirming collection of amapiano tracks.

ThackzinDJ and King Caro bring their unique touch to the amapiano landscape, infusing each track with rhythmic energy and soulful vibes. They introduced the project when they dropped The Destination off the EP.

The EP is likely to resonate with fans of amapiano, a genre celebrated for its ability to merge the infectiousness of house music with South African influences.

Whether enjoyed in a club setting or as part of a personal playlist, the EP promises to provide a lively and uplifting experience.

ThackzinDJ & King Caro – Impilo EP

1. ThackzinDJ & King Caro – Liyoze Lifike ft. Dinky Kunene

2. ThackzinDJ & King Caro – Uyang’gqiza ft. Dinky Kunene & Emjaykeyz

3. ThackzinDJ & King Caro – Impilo ft. Jessica LM & TshepyM

4. ThackzinDJ & King Caro – Strings Of Guitar ft. Emjaykeyz & Sipho Magudulela

5. ThackzinDJ & King Caro – The Journey ft. Ndibo Ndibs

6. ThackzinDJ & King Caro – The Destination

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