Afrikan Roots, DJ Wonderboy & Maz Sings – Amen



Afrikan Roots, DJ Wonderboy & Maz Sings – Amen

Amen” is a powerful and uplifting track by Afrikan Roots, DJ Wonderboy, and Maz Sings.

This song is a perfect blend of Afro-house rhythms, soulful melodies, and inspirational lyrics, creating a spiritually enriching and sonically captivating experience.

The production on “Amen” is vibrant and full of life, featuring pulsating basslines, rhythmic percussion, and melodic elements that create an energetic and uplifting sound.

Maz Sings and Afrikan Roots recently paired up on Nangu uJesu.

Afrikan Roots and DJ Wonderboy’s production expertise is evident in the intricate arrangement and polished sound, which perfectly complements Maz Sings’ powerful vocal performance.

Maz Sings’ vocals are the heart and soul of the track, delivering a message of hope, faith, and resilience. The lyrics are deeply spiritual and reflective, resonating with listeners through their sincerity and depth. The combination of emotive vocals and dynamic production creates a song that is both inspiring and energizing.

It’s a must-listen for fans of Afro-house and anyone looking for a powerful and uplifting song that speaks to the soul.

Afrikan Roots, DJ Wonderboy & Maz Sings – Amen

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