Afro Brotherz – Via October 2023



Afro Brotherz – Via October 2023

“Via October 2023” is an energetic instrumental track by Afro Brotherz. The song kicks off with an infectious and rhythmic beat, immediately setting a dynamic and lively mood.

Afro Brotherz showcases their production prowess with a fusion of Afro-house and electronic elements that create a high-energy and danceable track. Pulsating rhythms and vibrant synths characterize the beats.

They made their most recent when they dropped 16 Shooters.

“Via October 2023” is an instrumental journey that invites listeners to let loose and dance to the intoxicating groove. It’s a celebration of music and the joy of movement.

This track is perfect for those who enjoy Afro-house and electronic dance music, as it embodies the spirit of celebration and the euphoria of the dancefloor. “Via October 2023” is an invitation to dance and let go.

Afro Brotherz – Via October 2023

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