Aymos – Esgela ft. Eemoh & Kabza De Small



Aymos – Esgela ft. Eemoh & Kabza De Small

“Esgela” is a collaboration between Aymos, Eemoh, and Kabza De Small. This track is expected to showcase the signature Amapiano sound, characterized by its soulful melodies and rhythmic grooves.

Aymos, known for his smooth vocals and songwriting abilities, teams up with Eemoh and Kabza De Small, both influential figures in the Amapiano genre. The combination of Aymos’s vocals and Kabza De Small’s production expertise suggests a track that balances emotive storytelling with infectious beats.

The South African vocalist made his recent when he dropped Ukhisimusi featuring Blaq Diamond and DJ Radix.

The title, “Esgela,” might hint at themes of love, longing, or personal journeys, common motifs in Amapiano lyrics. The track is likely to feature lush instrumentals, showcasing the genre’s ability to create a laid-back yet danceable atmosphere.

As Amapiano continues to gain global recognition, “Esgela” is poised to contribute to the genre’s expansion and further establish the artists involved as key players in shaping its evolution.

Aymos – Esgela ft. Eemoh & Kabza De Small

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