Big Zulu – iKhaya Lakithi ft. uGatsheni



Big Zulu - iKhaya Lakithi ft. uGatsheni

“iKhaya Lakithi” is a collaboration between Big Zulu and uGatsheni, two prominent figures in the South African hip-hop and maskandi music scenes, respectively.

The title, which translates to “Our Home,” pays homage to the rich cultural heritage and ancestral roots of the Zulu people.

Big Zulu’s commanding presence and poetic lyricism take center stage, as he delivers verses that reflect on the struggles and triumphs of his community. He opened the project with iKhaya Lakithi featuring uGatsheni

uGatsheni’s melodic vocals add depth and authenticity to the track, transporting listeners to the heart of rural KwaZulu-Natal.

“iKhaya Lakithi” is a powerful anthem that celebrates the resilience and unity of the Zulu nation, reaffirming the importance of heritage and tradition in shaping identity and belonging.

Big Zulu – iKhaya Lakithi ft. uGatsheni

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