Blackman – Dingimali ft. Zakwe & DJ TPZ



Blackman - Dingimali ft. Zakwe & DJ TPZ

Blackman orchestrates a sonic spectacle with ‘Dingimali,’ a powerhouse collaboration featuring the lyrical prowess of Zakwe and the rhythmic expertise of DJ TPZ.

The track is a fusion of bold beats, resonant melodies, and masterful lyricism, creating an atmosphere that is both anthemic and dynamic.

He made his recent when he dropped Thixo Wami featuring Big Zulu, Riot, and Zola.

Each verse from Zakwe is a testament to his storytelling finesse, complemented by the expert production of Blackman and the rhythmic mastery of DJ TPZ.

‘Dingimali’ stands tall as a triumph of collaboration, uniting talents across genres to create a track that’s not just heard but experienced.”

Blackman – Dingimali ft. Zakwe & DJ TPZ

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