Blaq Diamond – Mangibona Wena



Blaq Diamond – Mangibona Wena

Blaq Diamond ventures into the Amapiano realm with “Mangibona Wena,” a track that captures heartfelt moments within the genre.

Known for their soulful and emotive approach, Blaq Diamond seamlessly translates their signature style into the Amapiano landscape, creating a track that resonates with both their existing fanbase and Amapiano enthusiasts.

Blaq Diamond made their recent when they worked on Aymos’ track titled Ukhisimusi featuring Blaq Diamond, and DJ Radix.

The track unfolds as a melodic journey, with the duo’s distinctive harmonies becoming the focal point. The inclusion of Amapiano elements provides a fresh perspective to Blaq Diamond’s sound, creating a fusion that is both nostalgic and innovative.

Blaq Diamond’s foray into Amapiano exemplifies the genre’s inclusivity, allowing artists from various backgrounds to contribute their unique styles.

Blaq Diamond – Mangibona Wena

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